Physionest-Physiotherapy Modalities

Foot Massager Ems Pads

Plantar Physiotherapy.Stimulating
Acupoint.Relieve Pain and Fatigue

Aukewel CS01 Professional Physiotherapy Ultrasound

Digital Signal Generator

Improve Muscle and connective
tissue tension, relives cramps pain

H3234 Physiotherapy Ultrasound

Physiotherapy Ultrasound

Promote Metabolism, Enhance Blood and
Lymph circulation, improve tissue nutrition

Cold Laser Therapy Device

Cold Laser Therapy Device

Perfect combination of medical laser
808nm and home laser 650nm.

Knee Support Spring Protection Pads

Knee Support Brace

The support knee pad is suitable for
Hiking, Climbing, And to protect knee

Digital TENS & EMS Device KRES100B

Digital TENS & EMS Device

Digital TENS & EMS Device KRES100B
FDA approved Model

Gym Balancing Ball

Best for Yog and Balancing Exercise

Multi Function Combo Stimulator

Combo Stimulator Ultra 9000

Pelvic and Facial Stimulation